4 X F = Facets, Fractals, Fantasies and Fell

This exhibition will display High Definition Range (HDR)  landscape and macro photographs, mixed media paintings and leather items with handcrafted artwork by Jadumani Singh


Radio interview on Radio Adelaide with Don Oswald and Jonathan Pearce -the artists behind SALA exhibition 4F=Facets Fractals Fantasies Fell with Tara Nash the radio presenter in the studio to discuss our work.

“Ever every day I think, I think of myself, of the surrounding

Every day my thoughts tend to wonder, around the places

Every day my dreams seems real, my reality a sense of wonder

Ever every day, my steps becomes stronger and stronger…”

It is stranger and stranger as we grow old, we find things that are not suited to us. Things that we were able to do, becomes a task. And the achievements that we have treasured so far seems lame and gone with time. There is talk of the end of world and one can see people preparing for that, how truthful is this. We may never see the end of the world but tend to worry for our descendants who are going to carry our heritage.

But we still talk about different worlds, the developed, the developing and the underdeveloped. Its like Sigmund Freud discussing about the id, the ego and the super ego. Its amazing where the thin lines of human thoughts criss-crosse with the reality of politics and humanity. About owning materials and owning things greater than anyone. Of all the wants and wishes, to this date has been Money and Gold and all the worries come from them. 100 years ago all the attainment and wars was about Beauty, about Women. Most of the wars in history was fought for women and beauty. For captivity and Land. What do we fight for Today !!

We are what we want to be, we do what we want to achieve. In doing so, we loose our being, our morality and the metaphor of living ourselves. We need to change for the world, for our future, for our Earth that has given so much. For our friends and family, for our lovers and enemies at least. Life is greener then we think it is, it has all the beauty as described as heaven, it will ultimately survive forever even when we die. It lives as long as we live, there is heaven, there is hell, there are all the fun of being alive.

Our being is believed to be alive and happy, to be able to enjoy every day that we live, to be able to smile to every stranger who passes by – I just like the glimmer in their eyes, the hope of friendship, or just the hatred, of being smiled at. The complexity of we human is immense, is just unfathomable, and that we can’t and will never be able to decipher. If we can move mountains with pleasantness, with love, and with companionship. We can also do the opposite of all the good things. There cannot be light without the darkness, no ugliness without beauty, no friendship without enmity.

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